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  2. Telecom & Networking

  3. Automotive & Industrial controls

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Technologies At A Glance

Who we are

We are a chief supplier and primary leader in key innovative and leading edge technologies. Our state-of-the-art services include but are not limited to advanced HDI, multi-layer count capabilities, specialty PCB and assembly applications, and advanced manufacturing. Furthermore, our proficiencies in the PCB industry have opened doors and created alliances with the most lucrative and competitive business markets including automotive and industrial controls, aerospace and military sectors, telecom and networking, medical technology, appliances as well as contract manufacturing. Additionally, with multiple off-shore manufacturing capabilities, we can offer our customers the lowest cost while providing the highest quality products in today’s aggressively cost driven markets.


Technology Innovation

Our experience and expertise in cutting edge mechanisms has allowed for ultra-modern developments in technology innovation. These include

  • Sequential lamination blind/buried vias and micro vias
  • Stacked micro vias with copper fill
  • Rigid up to 36 Layers - impedance control
  • High Performance Materials- Megtron 6, Rogers, Arlon
  • Hybrid stack-ups, PTFE, Polyimide, FR4, and BT
  • Flex & Rigid Flex up to 24 Layers
  • Thermal management with aluminum or copper backed