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About Us

In today’s ever changing market, Circuitronics LLC/Price Circuits LLC has provided many companies, including several Fortune 500 firms, with quality, time-critical printed circuit boards. With high levels of precision, complexity, and reliability in rigid, flex and rigid flex technologies, Circuitronics LLC/Price Circuits LLC have devoted its energies to creating the most sophisticated printed circuit boards and has been dubbed an “Engineers Playground” because of its technical expertise in the process development and implementation of these cutting edge technologies. By creating longstanding partnerships, investing in new equipment, and continuously looking to improve processes, we have been able to stay ahead of the competition and provide its customers with unparalleled products.

Our combined commitment to quality and excellent customer service has placed us among the top printed circuit board suppliers and has made us leader in the industry for advance technologies.

Our goal for the future is to continuously improve our facility and our processes so we can ensure that our customers will stay on the leading edge of technology, and ahead of their competition.