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Markets we serve

Aerospace & Military

The aerospace and military industries both demand vigorous PCB assembly alongside specified designs and layout techniques to meet the dynamic demands within each of its high caliber markets. As an ITAR registered company, we take these into consideration and provide PCBs’ to comply with its growing functionality. From PCB materials, mil-spec components, stack up considerations, drill charts and more, we understand the precision required to fabricate highly reliable PCBs’ that regard thermal management and radio frequencies for aerospace and military circuitry.

Our satisfied customers include ITT Defense, Raytheon, L3 Flight Controls, BAE and DSR Tactical Systems.

Telecom & Networking

Our leading edge processes in development and manufacturing bring the power of world-wide communication and video to the palm of your hand. Our technology in advanced HDI, flex, and rigid flex circuits, combined with prototype to production capabilities, make us the solution to all of your telecommunication needs. These applications include cellular base stations, transport systems, hubs, routers and countless other devices that interface with networks such as smartphones, computer and miscellaneous mobile platforms.

Our satisfied customers include Motorola, Westell, Alcatel-Lucent, and Freescale.

Automotive & Industrial Controls

Our years of experience, dedication to high quality and our commitment to customer service have made us a major supplier of both prototype and high volume printed circuit boards to the automotive industry. From multilayer products to advanced lamination technologies, we produce a range of printed circuit boards used in various applications, including telematics systems, engine control modules, brake and steering system and numerous passenger safety systems. In addition, automotive manufactures constantly face pressure to reduce costs while maintaining high quality and reliability standards. With our engineering expertise, continuous process improvement, and multiple off-shore facilities, we are able to meet these low-cost initiatives and still provide the highest quality products.

Our satisfied customers include Continental, Johnson Controls, Honda, Caterpillar, Honeywell, and Ford.


The medical industry depends on machines, equipment and devices which can provide high levels of reliability and traceability. Our specialized factories, stringent quality systems and strict process controls consistently meet the challenge of precision, assembled products in a short period of time. Our ability to competitively produce quick-turn printed circuit boards has made us an elite supplier for the medical industry.

Our satisfied customers include GE Medical, Smiths Medical, Toshiba, and Phillips.


With the worldwide introduction of “Energy Efficiency”, manufacturers are shifting to more technologically advanced appliances. Major appliances are more efficient, accurate and convenient for users. With modified controls and advanced displays and functions, we fully serve the prototype and high volume production to all of the major appliance manufacturers.

Our satisfied customers include Sub Zero, Whirlpool, Dacor, and GE.

Contract Manufacturing

With low-cost, quality solutions, we provide contract manufacturing services to customers in various industries. For years, we have been a “Total Source” for quick-turn, prototype printed circuit boards. Our abilities to understand the complexities of our customers products, to make cost effective builds, and to provide unparalleled customer service has enabled our customers to get their products to the market more efficiently and competitively.

Our satisfied customers include Jabil, Celestica, Flextronics, Molex and Sanmina.